Sunday, May 8, 2016

BTECH uv-5001 2nd gen needs fans

 The BTECH uv-5001 run hot as a mother so if your going to rag chew on this unit you really want to add some fans to the unit like I did. I found that anything over a 10-15 minute QSO on high or low power will kick in the thermal protection and shut the uv-5001 down. The metal case gets so hot you could basically put a pan on it and cook something.

I checked my SWR and it was well within range of a good match on 2m and 70cm (1.5). The fans I picked are x2 12v 60mm with the airflow facing down connected with wire ties placed on the rear.

I matched red with red and black with back and wired it up to the uv-5001's molex connector. Next thing I will do it wire it directly to a manual power switch vs being direct to my power supply.

Since adding the fans the unit does not even get luke warm. Why does  BTECH sell this unit without any type of fan to keep the unit from overheating?  The 2 fans I purchased are from this seller on E-Bay. CLICK HERE

I also added two rubber feet to the front of the fans to put them on an angle, My two simple mods make this radio a workhorse that smokes most dual branders.


  1. Great mod, I may have to do something similar to my Gen 3. That internal fan's whine is insanely loud. Couple external fan look like a much better solution. So how do you get into those connectors to do the wiring? Do the contacts just pull out if enough force is applied? THANKS!

  2. Sorry for the delay in my reply. Thank you for the kudos and glad this post was useful. I ran the two fans in parallel and extended the the leads and shoved them right into the UV-5001's separation connector. I will follow up with another post showing the on/off switch I'm adding to the fans.


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