Friday, May 13, 2016

DB9 Port replacement

Many transceivers & receivers use the standard DB9 serial port to allow control or programming control of the unit. Trying to find a USB to serial converter with a functioning chipset can be a major headache. If you are handy with a soldering iron this might be your ticket to simple computer control without all the fuss.

Basically you will be swapping out the boards DB9 port with a new FTDI USB converter. radios that this will ideal for are the Icom PCR line of receivers and the Ten-Tec or any radio that has a standard DB9 Serial port.

RX-320D receiver with a standard DB9 Port

Icom PCR-100 receiver with a standard DB9 Port

Yaesu 450D transceiver with a standard DB9 Port

This drop in replacement is available direct from Digikey and uses the standard FTDI chipset & drivers that are supported across all operating systems, Going this route will minimize driver headaches vs finding a solid/functioning USB to Serial converter.

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