Saturday, May 14, 2016

FT-450D Punch through the pileup

Owning the 450d for about 2 months now and chasing DX nonstop since the day I put the radio in the shack I would receive so so audio reports with my stock mic. I wanted something with a little more umph & drive. I also wanted to have some flexibility and control to shape my transmit audio.

The stock mic that is included with the 450D (MH-31) is not that great in my opinion.The 450d does have 9 user selectable EQ curves but I still wanted more control over my sound. This EQ box seems to be what I was looking for without spending a few hundred dollars.

Basically this is a 5 band EQ with adjustable compression. The unit is powered directly from your rigs mic input and your mic plugs directly into the box. The cord is roughly a foot long.

This unit is designed and built by UR6QR and ships directly from the Ukraine. The price is $105.00 and includes the shipping. The seller does accept best offers. I received the unit in under 2 weeks. Setup is idiot proof. Using the monitor feature on the 450d and bugging my friend KC0BRA I was able to dial in the perfect sound for my voice so I can punch through pileups. The unit is built like a tank and is not flimsy at all

The external EQ has the following features & adjustments, You want to use the 450D ALC meter to make sure your not splattering. Use the compression sparingly.

EQ: 80Hz-250Hz-500Hz-1200HKhz &3000Khz. -6dB +6dB
COMP: Compression level amount
MIC: Microphone gain amplifier (minimum level -6db, maximum level + 20db)
OUT: Adjustment level for your output signal (dependent on the mic gain in your transceiver)
LED LEVEL COMP: When the led does not blink often when you speak you will apply a very soft compression, When the led blinks often or stays lit all the time when you speak you are applying a hard compression.

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