Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pro-97 Discriminator Tap

A buddy of mine who is also a ham (Mike-KD2KWD) is a DMR fanatic. If you want to know anything and everything about DMR he is the guy to talk to. He mentioned one day on the repeater about scanners and DMR. A few days later his scanner was at my door and the whole surgery took about 30 min.

Most scanners have a tap point on the PCB to allow you to tap the unfiltered raw audio. Doing this to a non digital scanner will allow you to use apps like DSD to decode digital transmission. I haven't done a discriminator mod to a scanner in about 8 years. Parts cost about $1.00. Bare minimum is a 10k resistor and a panel mount audio jack.

More information is available here

Some of the things you can now decode via software on a non digital scanner are.
DMR/P25/FLEX and many many more digital modes.

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