Sunday, June 26, 2016

SDRuno Basics

It has been a busy couple of weeks. I added some quick videos on the basic features of the brand new SDRuno.

SDRuno is the front end app from SDRplay. The original was just recently acquired from Sandro the sole developer of Studio1. Myself and a few others are part of the beta test team.

Personally I love the program both original and the new SDRuno but for people that might be new to SDR'S this could be intimidated by all of it's high end features. SDRuno has progressed fast since it's initial release.

I will be adding more videos on YouTube covering almost all the features SDRuno.

Another project I'm working on (along with Paul J. NN4F) is the SDRuno "Cookbook" It covers most if not all of the features of SDRuno. It is a work in progress. The PDF is available now and will always be located at NN4F.COM

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