Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SDRuno Controller.

It's been a while since I made any type of SDR controller. Actually it's been a while since I made anything Arduino's related. Since I stated the beta testing of SDRuno I wanted to make another controller. Below is what I have so far. This one has to be as small and simple as possible, I'm waiting on the mini OLED screens to come in and that will be the last part I need. Should be a fun little controller when it's done.

Testing the encoder

Testing the encoder and button board


  1. Looks very interesting.
    Are there more informations available about this project?
    I am looking for such a device for operating PowerSDR, ZeusSDR and so on.
    Is there any chance for additional infos?

  2. Yes. I'm actually going to post a how-to with parts and code for a very basic $4.00 encoder. I have future plans to release a retail touchscreen controller exclusively for SDRplay and SDRuno.

  3. I'm interested in the SDRuno controller.
    How and where could I purchase one?

    1. I have been working on controllers now for about a year and a half. Soon as I'm done with this current beta test project with SDRplay I will work on getting my final design to market. In the meantime you can build one yourself for $5.00 I have it posted here as a newer blog entery. Just refresh my main url www.kd2kog.com


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