Monday, June 6, 2016

Wouxun KG-UV9D

The UV9D just landed in the shack today. I was itching for a new radio and I really didn't know what to buy. I spent a good month or two looking for something better than the usual Baofengs and I remembered when the 8D came out I wanted one but couldn't afford it. I have heard and read a lot of positive things about the 9D. I figured this is the one I want.

I did the usual E-bay/Amazon. I saw has them for $150 and figured I would check DX Engineering and Gigapart. Both sites had nothing. For the hell of it I checked HRO. To be honest I avoid HRO like the plague. When I saw the price at $129 shipped I ordered it right away. HRO had it at my door within 3 days.

The radio comes locked with the follow TX ranges (144-148 / 420-450 MHz) but receives on 7 different bands. The RX ranges are 76-108 (FM )-108-136 (AM)-136-180 (FM)-230-250 (FM)-350-400 (FM)- 400-512 (FM)-700-985 (FM). It took about 20 min for me to find the official 9D unlocking software which worked without any issues. I don't plan on ever RX'ing out of the ham bands but I guess if S.H.T.F. I'm good to go.

The audio reports on the repeater I use (19 Miles away) have all been very good. One of the big pluses is the full duplex dual VFO'S. I can TX on the upper VFO and monitor and or TX on the lower VFO independently with a secondary smaller PTT button.

CHRIP support hopefully will be added down the road. The OEM software is not that bad but if you have a lot of repeaters to program into the radio the stock software will seem a little limited compared to CHIRPS internet based repeater import feature.

I have only had the radio for a little under 8 hours and I'm extremely happy with it so far. It's rock solid and built like a tank. It feels good in the hand like my Baofeng UV-82 and the color screen looks fantastic.

What I personally like:
Big clear color screen.
Built very well.
Feels great in the hand. Not to thick and not to thin.
Real battery indicator.
Real signal strength bar.
Full duplex dual VFO'S.
AM air-band receive.
Proper SMA connection

What I don't like:
Does not have Cross-band repeat.
Gets a tiny bit warm on extended QSO'S.
Screen slightly hard to see in direct sunlight.

This will be my new daily HT. Let's see how well it hold up. Would I recommend this radio. 1000% without a doubt yes. I also uploaded a text searchable PDF at the follow link.
CLICK HERE. Credit goes to Rick Sterling who did the manual conversion.


  1. Can you buy a larger battery or even an extra stock battery for disaster use?

    1. To be honest..I'm not sure about a larger battery but most likely yes with a 2nd stock battery. I will look around online and they do have something I will reply to this thread.

    2. Extra batteries are available.


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