Sunday, July 10, 2016

FT-450D Punch through the pileup v2

2 months ago I added the 5 band EQ from UR6QW. I knew the designer had a better model and eventually I wanted to upgrade. Both the 5 band and 8 band EQ allow you a tremendous amount of audio shaping control to your transmit signal. The compression alone will add's a lot of audio punch you just can't get from the 450D alone.

Before I purchased the 8 band EQ. I upgraded my stock MH-31 mic to the desktop MD-100 mic. Huge improvement from the stock 450D mic. One concern I had was that the MD-100 might be to much mic for the 8 band EQ. Not the case at all.

I have the MD-100 mic set to the following.
Thru is on/High Emphasis is on
/Low cut is set to 2

The 450D is set as the following.
Mic gain is normal/EQ is set to 0

When you chase DX and your only running 100w with conditions being a challenge every little bit helps. I'm very happy with 2nd version EQ upgrade.

The adjustable ranges are available +/- 6dB
80Hz 160Hz 250Hz 500Hz 900Hz 1500Hz 2500Hz 3200Hz

Here are the links for more information
UR6QW 5-band
UR6QW 8-band

What I personally like:
Solid all metal construction
Amazing support from the designer.
8 different frequency ranges of adjustment.
Independent mic input and output controls.
Simple setup & very easy to use
Very punchy range of adjustable compression.

What I don't like:
It's not cheap.

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