Saturday, August 13, 2016

BTECH uv-5001 2nd gen needs fans part 2

A few months ago I posted that the UV-5001 needed some sort of cooling and after numerous complaints BTECH released the v3 aka gen3 version of the UV-5001 which included a very small and loud internal fan. The community seemed happy and loved that BTECH addressed the issues but this newer model still had issues.

My friend John who is no stranger to the world of Chinese import radios stepped up to the plate and posted a fantastic UV-5001 gen 3 internal fan mod. John's site is loaded with many how-to's & new release reviews.

The original 12v fans I installed died and to be honest I wanted to ditch this radio and go with a brand new BTECH UV-50X3 but for some reason I can't do it. Granted my radio does have some quirks and a design flaw but I just chouldent do it... Despite all the problems it does pack some serious punch.

The fan I decided to go with is a single 12v Artic cooling f8 80mm priced at $6.00 shipped. I have it in the same configuration as the last fan. Fresh air is blowing down onto the rear part of the heat-sink. I tried doing this in the reverse (fan pulling hot air off the heat-sink) and the radio still overheated. The Artic f8 is moving a greater volume of air vs the dual fans I had. The radio used to get a slightly warm to the touch with 2 fans but now using a single fan the heat-sink is not even warm and the radio works as it should.

This does leave plenty of room to come up with your own DIY Arduino fan controller so the fan is not running all the time. The possibilities are up to you and that is what this hobby is all about.

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